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Centre for Conflict Management and Transformation (CCMT)

Centre for Conflict Management and Transformation is a non-governmental organisation formed in 2003 that works to transform ways in which societies deal with conflict - away from adversarial approaches.

Our non-prescriptive method means that we only carry out interventions through joint consultations with communities that approach CCMT themselves for the provision of conflict intervention services.

CCMT has a vision of a Zimbabwe that enjoys peace and harmony created through
cooperation and sustainable conflict management and transformation in society.

Its mission is to help build a culture of non-violence and peaceful resolution of all forms of conflict in Zimbabwe
by enhancing the capacity of individuals, organisations and communities to effectively manage and transform their conflicts.

CCMT undertakes work in the areas of peace building, conflict management and transformation.

Our strategies are informed by our research where it was found that in many instances recurring violent conflicts are often exacerbated by unresolved inter-personal issues as well as unresolved conflicts between citizens and institutions that serve them.

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